Tired of waiting months for utility?

Staking will be ready day one! The NFT staking liquidity pool will be funded by royalties, earnings from the validator, and profits from our token curated registry (TCR).  We will be launching a TCR, Alpha Audits, where users will review NFT projects and be given rewards for positive contributions. Alpha Audits will not be limited to just Solana!

Join the Udder Chaos!

A collection of 6,666 cows MOOving onto Solana. Udder Chaos is a utility first project, aiming to maximize the potential of NFTs with a strong focus on sustainable economics.

Mint proceeds will be used to create sustainable rewards for holders by funding a Solana validator and starting an NFT user-based reviewing website. By focusing on sustainable economics, our project is set up to last generations.

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Solana Validator?

Validators are what run the Solana blockchain. For validating transactions and providing consensus, they receive rewards in SOL. The more SOL a validator has staked, the more it earns!


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  • Apply for grants through the Solana Foundation to reduce the cost of launching the validator
  • At 75% whitelist (1,250 whitelisted) a mint date will be announced
  • Mutator mint passes to incentivize inviting new members to the discord
  • Start developing Alpha Audits website, where users will review projects
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Mint (TBD)

  • Multi-stage mint on our own website using a Candy Machine v2 to launch 6,666 Udder Chaos NFTs
  • Stage 1: 250 NFTs to WL members for 1.75 SOL (1 per wallet)
  • Stage 2: remaining WL members mint for 2 SOL (3 per wallet)
  • Stage 3: public mint for 2 SOL (no limits)
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  • Immediately list on secondary marketplaces (ME, Solanart, Alpha Art)
  • Tax applied to those selling under mint or under purchase price (same strategy used by DeGods and KAM1)
  • Staking available right after mint
  • Holders vote on utility and roadmap of the mutated collection (mutators are earned in the discord and cost 0.01 SOL. Public mint price will be decided by holders)
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  • Use mint proceeds to create a secure validator set-up. 7,000 SOL from the mint will also be directly put into the validator staking pool
  • Validator staking website released, allowing holders to stake additional funds with a reduced commission (up to 0% for life)
  • Royalty structure switches to 25% directly to holders in the staking platform and 50% to the validator. Increasing the longevity of the project and creating a more stable revenue generation

For more information, read the whitepaper

The Team

Picture of Jake, the founder


Picture of Yaz, the artist and founder



The two of them have been together for nearly ten years, which naturally fell into a business partnership. Read more about the team in the whitepaper and see their certifications below

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes this project different from others promising passive income?

Sustainable income that continually increases.

With our project, we wanted to promise sustainable passive income and to support the Solana ecosystem. This made running a validator a very obvious choice, as we are contributing to the decentralization of the Solana blockchain and being rewarded for doing so.

What's a validator?

The Solana blockchain requires validators to run. Validators process transactions and participate in consensus in return for rewards in SOL.

What's the long-term plan?

The project's planned to run indefinitely. Meaning that your NFT will never stop increasing in value.

How many cows were harmed in the making of this project?

None, both team members are vegetarian. Long live the cows.